Fountains of Wayne


Sky Full of Holes Lojinx****

There are few bands around that do assertive power pop as note-perfect as Fountains of Wayne. These New Yorkers have been around since 1996, when they released their self- titled debut album. The band have sporadically threatened to cross over into the mainstream (2003’s racy hit single Stacey’s Momwas the closest they’ve come to teen acceptance), but have resigned themselves to being equal parts cult group and critics’ favourite. That’s a shame on both counts, as Sky Full of Holes, their first album in four years, is so full of witty, wistful and winning pop/rock. The music is performed with a New Jersey accent so pronounced it almost takes pleasure in insulting you as it wishes you a nice day. By rights, it should be playing from every radio station in the land. See

Download tracks: Richie and Ruben, Cold Comfort Flowers, Hate to See You Like This