Formation – Look At the Powerful People: Post-Brexit rabble-rousers

Thu, Apr 6, 2017, 09:18


Look At the Powerful People


Meno/Warner Brothers


The powerful people, in the view of south London twins Will and Matt Ritson, are the people on the ground as opposed to the numpties at the top. That’s the manifesto for what’s clearly intended to be a rabble-rousing debut album addressing the issues of the times we live in, from Brexit to Trump.

Whether said rabbles will be roused, enthused and energised by an album which aims musically to set the punk-funk bandwagon of old in motion again is another thing entirely. There are some moments which thrill like Pleasure, Ring and Back Then, but the clatter of cowbells, saxaphones and percussive thumping throughout remind you that The Rapture and LCD Soundsystem did this kind of thing previously with more class and style.

Formation’s angst and aggro may be perfect for these troubled times, but the music seems too in thrall with the past to ring true today.