Eoin Dillon


The Golden Mean Kila Records ****

Everything, from the finely poised original compositions to the evocative artwork on Kila piper Eoin Dillon’s second collection, The Golden Mean, speaks of a musician in thrall of his instrument and of its limitless potential. Listening to the way he stretches, bends and moulds the notes on Lament for Fr. Pat Noise, it’s clear that Dillon’s molecules are finally merging with his pipes with Flann O’Brien picaresqueness. He’s joined again by his regular compadres on bouzouki, mandolin, fiddle and guitar, and the addition of cello and double bass adds further depth to Dillon’s technicolour playing style. His tune compositions, too, are a force to behold: as at home in the meditative Star of the Seaas in the itchy feet excitement of Babaganoushand the intriguingly-titled The Yoghurt Weaver’s Lament.A further step in the evolution of a superb musician. See kilarecords.com

Download track: Babaganoush