Dutch Uncles


Out of Touch in the WildMemphis Industries ****

Half a song into Dutch Uncles’ third album and you’ve got their influences nailed down – or so you think. The comparisons to Talk Talk, Wild Beasts and Patrick Wolf conjured by Pondage’s blend of indie and chamber pop are only the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, the Stockport quintet pursue the same line in oddball indie-pop and art rock and Duncan Wallis’s nimble vocals only emphasise the parallels.Yet the zany swerves in tone, melody and tempo provide constant surprises, with songs such as Godboy, Bellio and Zug Zwang twisting and turning as they incorporate piano, guitar and a twinkling tide of electronica bubbling beneath the surface.

This is a vibrant, ambitious album packed with multiple threads that groove and intrigue, but always keep you on your toes. dutchuncles.co.uk

Download:Godboy, Zug Zwang