Dirty Projectors


Swing Lo Magellan, Domino ****

Too often dismissed as “indie- rock weirdos”, Brooklyn-based Dirty Projectors remain, in a sea of blandness and corporate- hugging rock, delightfully eccentric and single-minded. This, their sixth studio album, was influenced by David Byrne and Björk, and it’s quite a taut affair even by their sometimes extravagant standards. Opener Offspring Are Blank is as visceral as a Jack White track, while Gun Has No Trigger is deceptively simple in arrangement but comes across as a feral folk track. It’s also one of the most accessible things they’ve done. Dance for You is the highlight here: with its handclapping and almost jazzy-style guitar, it sounds like a great Brian Wilson solo record and has an irresistible breezy appeal. With Dirty Projectors you never get the same song twice and, while parts of this album may be challenging, there’s a pop heart still beating at their core. dirtyprojectors.net

Download tracks:Dance for You, Gun Has No Trigger