Craig David: The Time Is Now – Comeback kid seizes the moment

Fri, Jan 26, 2018, 05:00


The Time Is Now

Craig David

Speakerbox/ Insanity/ Sony


Craig David’s seventh album The Time Is Now is monumental because it’s the first album in history dedicated to a watch. Back in 2015, he posted a photo of a white watch that simply read “now”. No numbers, no hands. Just now. And, in the watch’s honour, David delivers festival-ready songs that fuse light tropical house with lo-tempo R&B. In one of the most remarkable career comebacks, the British singer went from irrelevance in Miami to regular chart presence in Ireland and the UK.

Focus is an uplifting 1990s club song and Talk to Me is a sexy little slice of R&B, but the bouncy, Kaytranada-produced Live in the Moment and the minimalistic but emotive I Know You are the album’s most inventive tracks because they veer away from overused EDM leanings. The trap-inspired For the Gram, however, is a real dud with these brutal lyrics:  “Oh, you bilingual/ That’s fine by me/ Now speak in emoji/ Wink wink smiley.” The Time Is Now is no Born to Do It,  but it shows that his comeback is resting on more than just nostalgia.