Citizen review: Fiction Peaks’ debut album worth the four-year wait

Thu, Apr 20, 2017, 07:15



Fiction Peaks



Formed four years ago, Dublin’s Fiction Peaks held fire until now to release an album. It was a wise move, as too many new bands get the itch to unleash material too early, anxious or impatient to show the world how amazing they are when really they’d be better off finessing raw songs into something of value.

Citizen, the band’s debut, sidesteps the pitfalls of rushing it; if you’re looking for a handy guide to how to do things the right way, then take a pew and bang out a beat to songs like Before the End (slow burn electro-pop), Shimmer (experimental pop/psych riffage), Spring’s in Bloom (string-assisted pop most melodic), Ether (a clued-in tune overtly, expertly referencing The Beatles) and Electric Galleria (serene electronica enlivened by found sound).