Cap Pas Cap


Haunted Light Skinny Wolves ***

Thanks to a string of EPs and singles, Cap Pas Cap have the kind of positive buzz that PR companies dream about. Their debut album has been slow in its gestation, a sign that the Dublin trio have honed their skills, focused their vision and cut out all but the essential. Cap Pas Cap version 2010 reveals a sleeker, more polished end product. At their best, CPC throw the contents of their record collections in the mixer and serve up a cocktail of new wave, punk-shaped pop. We Are Menis the sound of Les Savy Fav thrashing it out with New Young Pony Club. Friendsa dancefloor- friendly twist on Ladytron’s clinical devices. Dark, pointed and multi-layered, Haunted Lightis a promising debut, albeit one that could do with a couple of different angles to make it truly memorable. See cappas

Download tracks: We Are Men, Friends, Y Lies