Beth Ditto: Fake Sugar – Gossip woman finds her groove

Fake Sugar
    
Artist: Beth Ditto
Genre: Pop
Label: Virgin

Beth Ditto has got her swagger back and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Having spent her time as Gossip frontwoman talking about gay rights, equality and other political fare, her debut solo album arrives at a time when such issues are high on many agendas, so such forthright views could not be more necessary or essential.

Just as important are the sounds she explores here, as she saunters with style from pop to disco to rock to stompers incorporating all of the above. She does so with the help of r'n'b producer Jennifer Decilveo, who has just the right templates to show off what Ditto is capable of.

Fire pirouettes with great, sassy confidence, and on the magnetic, giddy pulse of Oo La La and In and Out, Ditto has found the kind of groove that best suits her cut and thrust. A sugar high that bodes well for where she goes next.