Arca: Arca – Venezuelan producer aims high to find his voice

Wed, Apr 5, 2017, 13:12






Alejandro Ghersi’s soundscapes have attracted many admirers. Aside from his own releases, the Venezuelan producer has worked with Björk (he was all over her Vulnicura album and tour), Kanye West (Yeezus bore his thumbprints) and FKA Twigs. It’s easy to hear why Ghersi is a choice collaborator for such adventurous artists when you dive into his third album.

Previous albums Xen and Mutant were rich and dazzling as a result of Ghersi’s freewheeling influences and applications, and there’s a similar hue to this self-titled collection, albeit with the addition of his own vocals. Tracks such as Reverie, Anoche and Piel pitch his operatic, dramatic, gothic, treated falsetto against some beautifully striking synth lines and slippery rhythms to create a ghostly, symphonic wash.

Elsewhere, tracks such as Coraje and Whip have Ghersi re-upping the emotional, melancholic and mournful textures which have served him well before. An artful presentation from a producer shaping the contours of what comes next.