Adela & the Meanits


Kinda Wild Listen to Me Records***

Calling your predominantly docile album Kinda Wild is an odd decision, but then again, “kinda quirky” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Adela Meally’s title-designating skills may fall short, but she makes up for it with some terrifically charming songs.

There are strong undercurrents of Cathy Davey-style indie here, particularly on the playful pomp of Party for Three and the breezy Hangin’ Around. Meally and her three adept bandmates switch from finger-clicking jazz (My Ego, Cavan Fever) to lively, zig-zagging pop (Kinda Wild) with an understated flair.

It’s true that Kinda Wild lacks a killer punch amid both its light-hearted abandon and its mellower moments, but that’s no great sin in a debut. There’s plenty to like here, but perhaps more to look forward to.

Download tracks:Party for Three, Kinda Wild