Live at River Plate Sony ***

There’s no crowd quite as animated as an AC/DC crowd, and none still quite as animated as an Argentinian AC/DC crowd. Those familiar with the DVD of this concert already know that the true stars here are the demented Argentines who exhibit a level of enthusiasm unsurpassed in the rock firmament. “Excuseé, we don’t speak Spanish very good, but we speak rock’n’roll pretty well,” exclaims Brian Johnson. AC/DC remain one of the great live bands, even if they’ve driven long-standing fans insane with their insistence on playing the same songs in the same order every night while ignoring their brilliant back catalogue. Johnson is heroic; at times he sounds like he’s straining to get to the end of the set. He’ll be tipping 70 if AC/DC ever embark on another gargantuan tour. Will we see a new singer if there is a next time?

Download: Rock and Roll Train, Thunderstruck, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap