Úna Keane: As I Wake, Still I Dream – elegant instrumentals from Irish pianist/composer

Mon, May 8, 2017, 11:54


As I wake, still I Dream

Una Keane



As far as back as 2004, pianist/composer Úna Keane was aiming to make a mark. Her debut EP, Saya Nova, slipped out to some praise, while her 2010 album, Trees, didn’t know whether it wanted to be kooky Tori Amos or classy Kate Bush.

Keane’s latest work, however, is the perfect dovetailing of shifting ambitions, present headspace and persistent creativity. Solely instrumental, the 10 pieces of simplistic, elegant music deliver the kind of calm melancholy that usually arises when – as Keane did for appropriate inspiration – you spend weeks in a sparsely furnished cottage that overlooks a windswept, sodden peninsula.

There are occasional hints of Michael Nyman’s tempo rubato style, but mentioning that should in no way undermine Keane’s consistently beautiful compositional skills. The album is launched on Friday in Dublin’s Unitarian Church. unakeane.com