Album of the Day - Gatehouse’s Tús Nua: taking the tradition to new highs

Wed, Aug 10, 2016, 13:01


Tús Nua


Gael Linn


Every now and again, a collection sidles its way into the ether and stills the listener. Gatehouse’s aptly named Tús Nua (Fresh Start) does just that. It infiltrates every molecule of the music, infusing it with a freshness that promises to propel this collection into that elusive ‘must have’ category for years to come.

John Wynne and John McEvoy are a flute/fiddle duo with a rare reputation for finesse, and they’ve frequently shared tunes with Jacinta McEvoy on guitar and concertina. The remarkable voice of Rachel Garvey is the magical ingredient that raises the bar on this particular quartet’s set, as she interprets songs more and less familiar, with a staggering originality.

John McEvoy’s own tunes are a delight too, particularly the title tune, which embraces a baroque sensibility while still resting cosily in the belly of the tradition. An unerring delight.