What's on your rider? Morgan Condon of Motorcyle Display Team


What’s on your rider?Just a few beers and a large bottle of water.

What would be on your fantasy rider?A few better beers (Budvar, 500ml, chilled); a SuperSoaker500 (primed); pretentious gourmet crisps; and an enormous tube of Smarties with all the orange ones removed.

What’s your pre-gig ritual/ routine?Relax, read, chat, watch the other acts, change into our ceremonial robes and chant, 500 crunches, 500 push-ups, a half marathon and we’re ready.

What are your favourite and least favourite venues? Love The Bird’s Nest in Deptford in London – it’s a good and proper dive with an awesome clientele. Also love The Grand Social and Whelan’s in Dublin, Stables in Mullingar. Dolans in Limerick is great. There are some venues where we’ve had terrible gigs, but when we returned we’ve had a brilliant time, so we figure there are no really awful venues, just awful live experiences.

Most embarrassing on-stage moment?Steve smashing his mouth on the mic (repeatedly) and Mog throwing up after a big dinner. Matthew is always immaculate.

Chatting between songs – good or bad?Silence between songs is a bit disconcerting. Chatter is fine.

Groupies. Would you?We’re all good boys. Only our minds are filthy. So, yes, of course we would . . . But we won’t.

How big is your entourage?Entourage? What are we, Mark Wahlberg?

Have you a special stage wardrobe?Our past is littered with the costumes of yestergig. Notably the boiler suits and facepaint. These days we’re all smart, like.

Do you like to meet and greet fans after the gig?Of course! Our egos aren’t going to stroke themselves.

What’s the worst thing ever thrown at you?Just bottles. Empty bottles, disappointingly.

If you could be in any other band, which one?Grizzly Bear. Or a roadie for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, or a “runner” for Led Zeppelin.

Who’s invited to your aftershow party?St Vincent. Anthony Kiedis. Slavoj Zizek. Fiona Apple. None have RSVP’d yet.

In conversation with Tony Clayton-Lea. Motorcycle Display Team play Dublin on Thursday