The fast show


David Best of Fujiya and Miyagi is buzzing for the Bundoran stage - it's where he gets to go faster, he tells LOUISE BRUTON

Your latest album, Ventriloquizzing was released more than a year ago. How’s touring going so far?

It’s good. When you play a show and people know you and the lyrics, it’s always great. Playing festivals like Sea Sessions, you will get a lot of of people who won’t know your stuff so you will have a brand new audience all over again.

What’s the big difference between music on an album and playing it live?

We play faster anyway. I don’t know what happens us in the studio, it’s like we’re drugged or something, but on stage it’s a different pace.

Materialism is the big topic on the album but with Minestrone, Taiwanese Boots and Spilt Milk, food is a recurring theme. Were you particularly hungry when you were making this record?

We mentioned a lot of food on our previous record too. I wouldn’t be a big foodie person but with Minestrone, it’s got to do with that story where you sell a bowl of soup to the devil for your soul. That story is big in Sussex, and everywhere else, but we were thinking what type of soup it would be that you would sell in Sussex and we went with minestrone.

On Tinsel and Glitter, you seem to give the 15 minutes of fame pop stars a bashing. Do you watch the X Factor or The Voice?

I didn’t catch The Voice but I’ve seen some of X Factor. That song is more about those indie artists who are now all covered in glitter but still doing the same thing.

I don’t mean this in a snobby way, but you have these 21- year-olds who get it all and then when their record doesn’t sell, they’re dropped.

Matt Cardle was dropped.

He was the guy with the cap? I don’t mind that. He supported Tottenham and I support Arsenal.

The TV show Breaking Bad is now in its fourth season. Have you been watching it since Uh appeared in the first season?

I haven’t actually. I know that’s strange but I didn’t get into it because our song was in it. I know the guys are into it but I just haven’t. And the scene it’s in, the guys are making drugs in a van or something? It’s not what I particularly envisioned when I was making the song, but it’s cool.

So, Sea Sessions. The festival of music and sea. Will you be hitting the waves of Bundoran?

I can’t swim, so no! I am looking forward to this though. It’s near Donegal isn’t it? We’ve played in Dublin, Cork and Belfast so I’m looking forward to this show and to play alongside the Happy Mondays, and we played with Tieranniesaur before too and they are great live.

What do you think of the Happy Mondays reunion, it’s the fourth time reforming?

I think it’s great. They deserve it. More power to them.

What have you in store for next year?

We’re working on a new record now and it will be returning to our roots a bit more. It will have more of an electronic influence on it. We will be going over to America to work on material and tour around a bit too.

I can hear a baby crying in the background. Is everything alright?

That’s my son. He’s got conjunctivitis at the moment. It sounds worse than it is. Or he may have just dropped a toy.

Will he be joining you on tour?

Well, he’s only 18 months old, but in the future we’ll get him those little headphones and he’ll join us.

Are you looking forward to when he realises what you do for a living?

He may find it strange when he realises that I’m not just the guy that answers to his beck and call. Hopefully he’s not a critic and will be judging me and saying “my dad really can’t sing”.