New Year's wrap


Are we ready for it? Just when you thought it was safe to relax, along comes that pesky end-of-year atmosphere to pump the adrenaline back into your system. Of course, it’s all about the pre-and New Year Eve’s gigs happening around the country, and, like last week, we’re dealing with exclusively Irish acts.

Although the best gigs are located in Dublin (The Gandhis, Jerry Fish, Four of Us, Something Happens, Hothouse Flowers), there are several outside the capital that require your attention: Jack L (Kerry); Paddy Casey, Turn and Mick Flannery (Louth); Delorentos (Mayo); Frank Walters, Original Rudeboys and Le Galaxie (Cork); and Juliet Turner (Belfast).

As for the day itself, your best bets are potentially great gigs in Dublin (Mix Tape New Year’s Eve Party, White Collar Boy/New Jackson, Republic of Loose) and reasons to be cheerful in Kerry (Saw Doctors/ Aslan/Something Happens) and Louth (Temper-Mental MissElayneous). After December 31st? Well, on Jan 2 you can always catch up with Therapy Sessions, which is part and parcel of the First Fortnight Festival.

That’s your lot from me this year, so have a good one, and see you all in 2013 – bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and raring to go.