Mano Le Tough: Changing Days

Fri, Mar 8, 2013, 17:42


Changing Days

Mano Le Tough

Permanent Vacation


The progress of Berlin-based Irish producer Niall Mannioncan be measured in his strikingly individual releases. His debut, Changing Days, is unafraid to face away from the dancefloor in search of deeper, distinctive and more daring kicks. He has a great sense of groove, which he displays throughout, but he’s also hugely interested in how house music’s parameters can be tricked out with different textures and tones. From the plump cinematic cushioning on Cannibalize to the tender tropical balm on the closing The Sea Inside, Mannion creates a wonderful cocoon of sound throughout. His experimentation is not merely for the sake of being different, but because he recognises a need to seek out new levels. A truly distinctive debut.
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Download: Cannibalize, Everything You’ve Done Before, A Thing from Abov e