It's a mash-up!


Le Galaxie serve up Point Break pizza, topped with Gary Busey’s meatballs, to OISÍN DAVIS

MASH-UPS shouldn’t just be the preserve of 2manydjs and bored YouTube junkies. And seeing as readers of The Ticket are as mad for film as they are for music, we thought it would be cool to have our own wee mash-up by mixing Movie Bites with Booking The Cooks, through the medium of, well, pizza. So, we asked one of our favourite local bands, Le Galaxie, what their favourite movie was and if they could create a pizza inspired by it.

The Keanu and Swayze surfing crime epic, Point Break, was what they came up with and Gary Busey’s meatballs adorn their pizza. To find out why they chose this Californian bromantic tale of bank heists and FBI agents, I kicked back with the band’s singer, Michael, over a few cold brewskis.

“It’s been Point Break our whole lives. There was no debate. In fact, there were no words. There was a biological connection between our testosterone-addled psyches. Roughly translated, it was: ‘Let’s watch Point Break and eat pizza and get wasted’. And, as we are prolific bank robbers, it works as both entertainment and a stark warning of what can go wrong if you allow Anthony Kiedis anywhere near you.”

So the film works for them on many levels.

On the topic of the three male leads, there were some equally revealing insights.

When I pointed out that this was not Keanu’s finest hour and that he’s never really been able to shake off the Bill-and-Ted-dude image, Michael responded with, “I’ve never seen it but I hear he’s not awful in My Own Private Idaho. Who am I kidding, of course he’s awful in it.”

Then what about Patrick Swayze, I ask. Have any of you ever fantasized about becoming one of his film characters? For instance, have you ever strutted in front of the mirror doing a Dirty Dancing move or a Roadhouse karate kick? “Dave once did the Dirty Dancing lift on me in the studio. But then he dropped me on my head, shattering my back. Great day.”

Last but by no means least, what, in your opinion, ever happened to Gary Busey? And is he a flawed genius or just kinda wacky? “Once on every Earth there is a Gary Busey. It is a privilege and an honour to be born in his time.” I guess that explains using his meatballs on a pizza then.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I was in the presence of a real movie lover. I asked Michael if they were all film geeks in the band? “Did you know that Martin Scorsese was married to Isabella Rossellini from 1979-1983? Did you know Charlie Chaplin once came third in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike competition? Did you know Errol Flynn used to inject vodka into his oranges, because he wasn’t allowed alcohol on set? Did you know Michael Keaton’s real name is Michael Douglas? Did you know Die Hard is actually a prequel to Die Hard 2?”

Whoa. At least I know who to ask to join my next quiz team.

Fade 2 Forever is out on June 22.

Le Galaxie play Forbidden Fruit on June 2