Gemma Hayes/Fionn Regan


Upstairs@The White Horse, Ballincollig, Cork Tomorrow 8.30pm €20 021-4871388

We are told this gig is taking place as part of Ballincollig Winter Music Festival, but we think that’s a ruse: it’s actually a clever conspiracy to get two of the best Irish singer-songwriters of the past decade into the same room and to let them display – without fear, shame or hubris – their unfeasibly talented wares.

Certainly you can’t pick up an English glossy music mag these days without reading how loved Wicklow’s Fionn Regan is. His latest album, The Bunkhouse Vol 1: Anchor Black Tattoo, has received more than several four-star reviews, the result of which could clearly bode well for the man this year. Ditto Gemma Hayes, whose most recent album, Let It Break, has also collected a batch of good reviews outside Ireland.

Separately, the Irish singer and songwriting firm of Hayes Regan could draw in the crowds no bother; each has a special way with words and melodies. Together? This could really be a night to remember. TONY CLAYTON-LEA

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