Forza Italo


Odessa, Dublin Sun 5pm €5 01-6703080

Fans of Italian football, films and disco in the capital city will already have said ciao to Forza Italo. After spending October “skiing at Courmayeur in the Valle d’Aosta” as you do, the Forza ultras reunite with a cracking selection of Italian cultural delights for your eyes and ears.

Kid Machine (pictured) provides the Italo disco and classic electro sweeps of sound that have seen the Viewlexx label swooning all over him and releasing his Replicants EP. There’s support from DJs Sergio Omerta, Stefano Crosserini and Sebastian Simonetti (some of these names may have gone through the Italo grinder).

This months’ giallo offering is The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh, Sergio Martino’s 1971 slasher flick with Edwidge Fenech as the bewitched and bothered leading lady. Calcio fans, meanwhile, can dig a screening of Helenio Herrera’s Internazionale maestros’ 1965 European Cup Semi Final second-leg clash with Bill Shankly’s Liverpool.

Can't see that? Catch this:Deep techno from Move-D (Fri, Cork); the GBX radio experience (Sat, Belfast); and Maya Jane Coles gets into the swing (Thurs, Dublin)