First Aid Kit


Vicar St, Dublin Sun 7.30pm 19 0818-719390 THE STAVES Whelan’s, Dublin Sun 9pm 15 01-4780766

It’s a good week for families, and sisters in particular – but, folks, we have a conundrum here. In the fragrant ice-blue corner (aka Vicar Street) we have Sweden’s First Aid Kit (Johanna and Klara Söderberg). And in the rose-petal-strewn red corner (aka Whelan’s) on the very same night, we have England’s The Staves (Jessica, Emily and Camilla Staveley-Taylor, above).

Separately, each act is very much worth your time. The Swedes have seen an immense expansion of their fanbase this year, notably via the surprise success of their gorgeous second album, The Lion’s Roar. The British siblings, meanwhile, have been winning over all and sundry with a series of captivating performances and a rake of tracks from their recent and acclaimed debut album, Dead Born Grown.

Both acts entertain the notion that there’s still some life left in the old dog called folk music. Both acts would be right – particularly when the approach of each is to invest familiar territory with fresh and feminine perspectives and some of the best vocal harmonies you’ll hear this or any year.

But which gig to go to? Toss a coin, why dontcha?

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