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Fat Freddy's Drop: Ravioli of abalone with sea urchin butter

It is not always easy to find entertainers who are big food lovers. Many stars would be satisfied to chow down on rider sarnies and crisps, while they focus their attentions on other indulgences. But not Dobie Blaze, keyboard player from Fat Freddy's Drop. When he’s on the road, he takes a little stove with him and can be seen whipping up risottos and noodle dishes on hotel balconies. Then when he’s back in his native New Zealand, his passion for fresh produce will see him diving into the sea to fish out the tastiest crustaceans and forage for wild ingredients in local woodlands. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – eat your heart out dude. Dobie’s all-time favourite meal uses an exotic shellfish called abalone, which is actually farmed in Connemara now. And you can always use frozen wonton pastries instead of fresh pasta – so he always keeps some in his freezer in case of a national disaster. A true epicurean.


Filling:1/2 kg minced abalone (if you cant find this use crab or squid)

6 fresh pasta sheets

Fresh herbs, whatever is in the garden. Usually parsley, garlic, chives, maybe a little thyme, coriander is good too with a pinch of salt and pepper.

yyy 1 egg lightly beaten


Mix all this and assemble your dumplings any which way. If I’m feeling more Italian I use a large pastry cutter to make the rounds of pastry and sandwich the filling so I end up with a fairly traditional round raviolo about 5cm diameter. If I’m in a more oriental vibe, then I may cut rounds and then make a dumpling shape similar to a mini pasty. Bigger, smaller, squares, triangles, whatever takes your fancy just as long as the filling is sealed inside the pastry. Once folded place on lightly floured trays. To cook, drop into boiling water, wait for them to float to the surface then continue to poach them for about 1 minute.


150g Butter, 50g sea urchin, 1 small shallot very finely chopped , 2 tsp brandy (optional), 1/2 cup cream, pinch of nutmeg Sauté the shallot and sea urchin in butter. Once sea urchin has disintegrated add brandy, cream and nutmeg. Allow to simmer for one minute. Push through a sieve to get a smooth finish or just serve, as is, over dumplings with fresh lemon wedges.

Fat Freddys Drop are playing the Body Soul festival in Ballinlough Castle on Sunday. The Ticket’s ‘Booking the Cooks’ will be at the festival on Sunday, too (in Casa Habana at noon) cooking up a hangover breakfast with some celeb hangers-on. Go heckleyyy ROCKCOOKBOOK.COM