GPO Proclamation hid 11 British army recruitment posters

Trinity College Dublin to display items that were preserved due to heat of GPO fires

On the night of Easter Sunday 1916 in the basement of Liberty Hall, Dublin, Christopher Brady, William O’Brien and Michael Molloy printed 2,500 copies of Ireland's best known historic document, the 1916 Proclamation. Video: Bryan O'Brien

As a standalone item, the copy of the Proclamation which was plastered to the walls of the GPO during Easter Week 1916 would be a valuable document in its own right. But it is what was posted underneath that makes it truly unique.

It was taken home from Dublin by Major Louis Tamworth who was in command of the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry. It had been given to him by a British soldier who tore it down from the walls. On his return to Devonshire, Tamworth had it framed and mounted until Trinity College Library bought it in 1970.

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