Superfly: A cliche of strippers, cocaine and one-last-job crime

Review: The clothes are great, the fights well staged, but it doesn’t add up to a movie

Jason Mitchell and Trevor Jackson in Superfly (2018)

Jason Mitchell and Trevor Jackson in Superfly (2018)

Production began on this slick remake of the 1972 blaxploitation standard as recently as December. The speedy turnaround has not, alas, made for an energised movie. Director X, the Canadian music video director who has previously collaborated with Rihanna, Drake and Nicki Minaj, sure knows how to stage a snazzy tableaux. But between the spectacle – strippers, threesomes, dollars raining down, the usual – there’s a lethargic drama concerning Youngblood Priest (Trevor Jackson), his two lovers and their cocaine operation.

Youngblood wants to get out of the drug peddling business and in order to do so, he must – ta dah – sell even more drugs. His mentor and supplier, a Brazilian ju-jitsu expert named Scatter (Michael Kenneth Williams), refuses to play along, so Youngblood and his best pal Eddie (the brilliant Jason Mitchell, utterly wasted) head to Mexico to make direct contact with the cartel.

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