Return to Montauk review: A cold but classy concoction

Sadly this Colm Tóibín-assisted effort has none of the warmth of his best work

Nina Hoss in Return to Montauk

Nina Hoss in Return to Montauk

The latest film from the great Volker Schlöndorff – director of The Tin Drum and The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum – looks very much as a novelist had a hand in the script. It concerns an older writer, inexplicably loved by younger women, and his attempts to face up to regrets and mistakes while promoting a new book. If he were even more horrid and even keener on young women you’d wonder if Philip Roth was lurking in the shadows.

In fact Schlöndorff wrote the screenplay with our own Colm Tóibín. It exhibits that novelist’s fastidious precision and his interest in the roads not taken. Sadly it has none of the warmth of his best work. You could chill Champagne on the film’s chilly backside.

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