Here comes the screen science


TAKE HEED, boffins: the UCD Imagine Science Film Festival is currently taking place in Dublin. Touching down in the Light House, the Sugar Club, the Science Gallery and the Factory, the event will find space for such classics as Georges Melies’ La Voyage dans la Lune, Jacques Tati’s M. Hulot’s Holiday and – playing in Meeting House Square – Andrei Tarkovsky’s still untouchable Solaris. You can also catch a glimpse of the durable – though scientifically dubious – pulp horror Donovan’s Brain. We are particularly interested in the tribute to Alan Turing, the late, much misused pioneer of digital thinking. Prof Brian Greene of Columbia University will discuss the great man before a screening of The Creator, a film on Turing, at The Light House on July 13th.

Our good friends at Darklight will be bringing their own class of educated madness to proceedings with a collaboration entitled (with perfect symmetry) Art in Science/Science in Art.

That strand introduces us to the Sci-Lens Yurodny Ensemble. Kicking off at The Factory tomorrow, this special evening event features a world leader in the field of computer music, Dan Truman, a laptop orchestra and the nine exceptional musicians of the Yurodny Ensemble. Sounds formidable. You can also catch the great James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA, at a screening of the fine 1987 TV drama The Race for the Double Helix.