Halloween horror old and new


It’s Halloween. Time to close the curtains, turn off the lights and refuse entry to children lest they attempt to eat your Maltesers.

Alternatively, you could escape Trick or Treat terrorism by making your way to the pictures. The Triskel Cinema in Cork is hosting a fine season of shockers entitled Twisted Celluloid. Among the freshly minted delights are Antiviral, the first film by Brandon Cronenberg (son of you-know-who), the Soska sisters’ excellently revolting American Mary and – already something of a cult – the excellent Incision (see review, page 18). triskelartscentre.ie/cinema.

If it’s vintage shockers you’re after, then make your way to the Light House in Dublin for (what else could it be called?) Fright House. Among the pictures being unspooled are

Dario Argento’s great Suspiria, Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street and Frank Darabont’s underappreciated The Mist. lighthousecinema.ie