Donald Clarke's Bumper Bond Quiz


1 Which film franchise is, for the moment at least, the second most lucrative of all time?

2 Identify the memorable Bond villain (left).

3 Two films featuring James Bond could be considered remakes. Which two?

4 Which Bond film was written by Roald Dahl?

5 Which is the first Bond film not to take its title from an Ian Fleming novel or story?

6 Which of the actors who played James Bond was reputedly first spotted in a Fry’s Chocolate Cream commercial?

7 Which 007 movie takes its title from the Bond family motto?

8 What stands out about the Bond opening-credit tunes sung by Carly Simon, Rita Coolidge, Chris Cornell, and Alicia Keys with Jack White?

9 Which well-remembered Bond character’s only line is “Well, here’s to us”?

10 Why might a Japanese nickname for Bond and a track from the Thunderball soundtrack make you think of a 2005 comic thriller?

And the answers . . .

1. James Bond (though still a billion or two behind Harry Potter)

2. It’s Goldfinger (Gert Frobe)

3. Never Say Never Again (based on Fleming’s Thunderball) and the second Casino Royale (originally an unofficial satire)
4. License to Kill 

5. You Only Live Twice

6. George Lazenby

7. The World Is Not Enough

8. None are named for the relevant film, though the phrase “the spy who loved me” does appear in Simon’s Nobody Does It Better.

9. Jaws (Richard Kiel) in Moonraker

10. He was known in Japan as Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (also the name of the Thunderball track). Shane Black’s film is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.