US actor Anne Heche dies following LA car crash

Actor (53) suffered ‘severe anoxic brain injury’ and was in a coma in critical condition

The US actor Anne Heche has died in hospital a week after she was critically injured in a car crash in Los Angeles.

The news was confirmed by her family, after previously announcing that she would be taken off of life support.

Heche was 53 and had two sons.

Many had hoped Heche would make a recovery after a publicist for the actor reported her in a “stable” condition after crashing her car into a house in Los Angeles on August 5th. Firefighters said she had been speaking to them as she was cut free of the wreckage and taken to hospital.


But the actor shortly afterwards lost consciousness and on August 8th, representatives posted an update, saying Heche was in an “extreme critical condition” and had slipped into a coma.

On Friday, her family said in a statement that she was not expected to survive and that she was being kept on life support to determine if her organs could be donated.

Heche, an actor of sharp intelligence, rose to prominence in the early 1990s, playing twins on the soap Another World, and with film roles, including the part of Laura in Nicole Holofcener’s debut feature, Walking and Talking.

Her first major role was as Johnny Depp’s girlfriend in gangster drama Donnie Brasco (1997). In the same year she was cast in other enduring titles: political satire Wag the Dog, disaster movie Volcano and slasher classic I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Also in that same year, Heche began a high-profile relationship with sitcom star and talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres, shortly after the comedian came out as gay. The couple were together for three years; Heche spoke of her gratitude to Harrison Ford who continued with production on romance Six Days, Seven Nights, despite the homophobic backlash to Heche’s real-life relationship.

In 1998, she starred as Marion Crane in Gus van Sant’s revisionist, shot-for-shot remake of Hitchcock’s Psycho, then averaged a film a year for the following decade, choosing creatively ambitious projects to juggle with parenting responsibilities.

She played Nicole Kidman’s sister in Jonathan Glazer’s psychological drama Birth, and Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend in hustler comedy Spread. In 2011, she featured in winning indie comedy Cedar Rapids and co-starred as corrupt cop Woody Harrelson’s ex-wife in Rampart.

Recent key film roles include the mother of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in a 2017 biopic, and as an enraged artist opposite Sandra Oh in acclaimed 2016 black comedy Catfight.

She was also a contestant on the 2020 season of US show Dancing with the Stars.

In 2001, Heche published a memoir, Call Me Crazy, which detailed her turbulent upbringing as the youngest of five children in a family that moved 11 times during her childhood.

When Heche was 13, her father died of Aids, which she said he contracted from same-sex partners. Heche also claimed that her father repeatedly raped her as a child, leading to her contracting genital herpes when young. Other members of her family disputed the claim.

Three months after their father died, Heche’s brother, Nathan, died in a car crash, which his sister claimed was suicide. Heche became estranged from her mother soon after.

In 2000, according to reports, Heche drove to the desert and walked some distance to a stranger’s ranch where she asked to take a shower and then settled in the living room to watch a film. The occupant of the house called the local sheriff after Heche showed no sign of leaving; the actor was briefly admitted to a psychiatric unit and admitted that she had taken ecstasy.

In her book, Heche says she was “insane” for the first 31 years of her life owing to the abuse she said she had suffered at the hands of her father.

Promoting the memoir, Heche said that in the past she would retreat for security into an alter ego: Christ’s half-sister who had contact with extraterrestrial life forms.

In 2001, Heche married cameraman Coleman Laffoon, with whom she had a son. The marriage ended in divorce and in 2009, Heche had a son with James Tupper, her Men in Trees co-star.