Dublin film critics let the right ones win


Reel News nodded his head in smug agreement when the results from this year’s Dublin Film Critics Circle poll landed on his virtual desk. Let the Right One Inand T here Will Be Blood– this writer’s pick in both the relevant races – triumphed as, respectively, best film of 2009 and best film of the decade. Indeed, the two pictures were miles ahead of the competition in both cases.

The top five in the 2009 vote, carried out among the city’s professional film critics, was completed by The White Ribbon, Up, The Hurt Lockerand The Wrestler. The top five for the decade continued with Downfall, Brokeback Mountain, The Diving Bell and the Butterflyand The White Ribbon.

Other 2009 winners from the Big Smoke’s reviewers included Yolande Moreau ( Séraphine) and Sean Penn (Milk)as best actress and actor; Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker)as best director; Anvil: The Story of Anvilas best documentary; and Waveriders, Joel Conroy’s thrilling surfing documentary, as best Irish film.

Director Neil Blompkamp won a breakthrough award for District 9, and director Duncan Jones was honoured with a special achievement gong for his work on Moon. Hungerand Adam & Paultied in the race for best Irish film of the decade (fair enough).

The vote was delayed so critics could get a look at Avatar, but, sadly for James Cameron, the sci-fi epic didn’t pick up a single vote.