Bridget Flannery: A Filled Silence


Having built a reputation over nine years as an important exhibition venue, the Vangard Gallery has relocated to Cork City from its founding home in Macroom. The benefits for the City are obvious as it inherits an authoritative new voice, committed to showing quality contemporary Irish art, that will clearly enrich the fabric of local visual arts activity.

The attractively set out space, situated on Carey's Lane, has for its inaugural exhibition a collection of mixed media paintings by gallery represented artist Bridget Flannery. Although not a landscape painter in the strictest sense of the word, it would be hard to deny the subject's influence in her work, as travels through Northern Europe have been etched deeply into the artist's consciousness.

The structures are readable as land and sky, with the scoring and layering of the paint/ collage materials analogous to the elemental way in which the land itself is represented.

But if abstracted interpretation of landscape remains a constant for Flannery, there is a slight change in emphasis in that the incidence of finely wrought textures seems less of a primary driving force than previous work. What unfolds then is a greater dramatic tension between linear shapes and forms, the artist edging closer to purist colour-field territory. Tension and contrast are the by-words, in that the use of white has channelled greater tonality; while the impact of bolder geometric structures battles against beautifully tempered organic surfaces.

Runs until 11th March