The best graphic novels of 2019 so far

Ice cream horror, hardboiled crime, LA dreams and the best film never made

A genre best served cold: ice cream horror.

A genre best served cold: ice cream horror.

After the banner year that was 2018, comics haven’t slowed down their head-spinning volley of quality in 2019. Here is a lesser spotted volume of four-colour treats, a handful of 2019’s best so far.

For a late summer chill

Writer W Maxwell Prince
Artists Martin Morazzo, Chris O’Halloran
Nothing says summer like the jaunty, discordant trill of an ice cream van rolling through your neighbourhood. That is unless said dairy-dispenser is hiding more in his van than frozen fancies. Alas, in W. Maxwell Prince and Martin Morazzo’s Ice Cream Man, unlicensed bell chime renditions of pop songs aren’t the only thing being butchered. This deliciously knotty horror anthology – the third volume of which, Hopscotch Melange, was released last month – sports that same suspenseful plotting and well-drawn character angst familiar to fans of horror comics like Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’ Locke & Key or Gail Simone and John Davis-Hunt’s Clean Room. Spooky, funny and sometimes genuinely nasty, Ice Cream Man is as addictive as a double ‘99, and more chilling than a post-lolly brain freeze.

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