‘Sing against the storm’: 10 years of The Moth

The directors and 10 contributors reflect on one of Ireland’s best literary magazines

A decade of covers of The Moth

A decade of covers of The Moth

By 2010 my husband Will and I had endured two harsh winters in Ireland – the first in an old farmhouse with a hole in the front door and a “central heating” ystem that meant walking into the living room was like stepping into a different meteorological zone. We wore hats and coats in bed.

Then the spring came, and we had the cheerful idea of publishing an art & literature magazine. Without even a glance at the competition, we went ahead and published the first issue of The Moth, featuring the likes of Dermot Healy, Pat McCabe and Leanne O’Sullivan. It was launched upstairs in the Abbey Bar in Cavan Town, and what a night that was.

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