Music: A medley of all the latest books

Cowboy Junkies, 1960s showbiz, Gainsbourg, The Who, The Fall and Carole King

One-hit wonders come and go, remembered and forgotten. One such, Excerpt from a Teenage Opera, co-written by singer Keith West with German pop music producer Mark Wirtz, was huge across Europe in 1967.

West will always be best-known for that song, but as Thinking About Tomorrow: Excerpts from the Life of Keith West by Ian L Clay (Hawksmoor Publishing, £22.99) shows, he deserves to be more than a footnote. As a member of London-based Tomorrow (at the forefront of British psychedelia, along with Pink Floyd and Soft Machine), West was fortunate enough to be in a sequence of right place/right time events – a pioneer of sorts who laid out a path for settlers to walk on.

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