Mr Grumpy and the Evil Spider

2nd Class, Scoil Chiaráin CBS, Donnycarney, Dublin 5


In the smelliest house in the world, there lived a man named Mr Grumpy and his wife named Mrs Grumpy. Usually, it was peaceful on a Tuesday . . . but not on this Tuesday!

It was Pancake Day and Mr and Mrs Grumpy don’t like pancakes. They were fired from their jobs at The Pancake House because they don’t like pancakes.

Mr and Mrs Grumpy were singing, “Hello darkness, my old friend . . .” as they walked home. They met their next-door neighbour Blarney the evil dinosaur on the way.

“What are you looking at?” asked Mr Grumpy. “You’re just a grumpy man. I don’t need to listen to you!” Blarney said.

Mr Grumpy said, “Fine. I’ll listen. But can you do something for me? I want to be younger so I can dance along to my favourite song. The one that goes, ‘Hello darkness, my old friend’ . . .”

Blarney told him, “There’s a magical spider in Japan that’s black and white. Look for him because he can make you younger.”

“Why would I do that?” said Mr Grumpy. “I’m so scared of spiders.”

“That’s not my fault,” said Blarney. “If you want to be younger, you have to go to this spider.”

Little did Mr Grumpy know that the spider and Blarney had an evil plan. Back when Mr Grumpy and Blarney were in school together, there had been writing test to see who could write the fastest. Mr Grumpy had won by an inch. Now Blarney wanted to seek his revenge . . .