Fruit’s Got Talent!

5th Class, St Macartan’s National School, Bundoran, Co Donegal

Illustration: Paula Gilvarry

Illustration: Paula Gilvarry


Bob was originally a human. But he became a banana by eating too many bananas. So did his friend Patricia, by eating too many pears.

Bob’s dream since he was a child was to become a movie star. He tried desperately to come up with new ideas for a cure so he could become a movie star.

Even though he was a banana, it didn’t stop him from following his dreams. A few weeks after becoming a banana, he decided to audition for The X-Factor. His act was that he could lift a million pounds even though he was only 27 centimetres tall.

The only thing that he didn’t know was that this was a different X-Factor where they cut fruit into X’es! But first he went to his friend Patricia to ask her advice about going on The X-Factor. And Patricia said: “I think it would be a great idea.”

But he realised that The X-Factor was only for singing . . .

Patricia then said: “Why don’t you go onto Britain’s Got Talent instead?”

But he said, “What if the judges try to eat me? They might have forgotten their lunches!”