An Unravelling: A complicated woman haunted by grief and guilt

Review: Elske Rahill is particularly good at writing from the viewpoint of children

Elske Rahill: powerful new novel

Elske Rahill: powerful new novel

What is unravelling in Elske Rahill’s powerful new novel? The ties that bind the four generations of the dysfunctional Kearney family, for one. And also the mind of the family matriarch, Molly.

Molly’s husband Dinny Kearney was an Irish artist who was never quite accepted into the Soho art world of the 1950s, but who subsequently achieved massive critical and commercial success.

Now widowed and in her 80s, Molly is the owner of a substantial fortune and a large Dublin house, but she hasn’t forgotten her working class childhood in the terraces of Stoneybatter, or the struggles and tragedy that she had to endure in the early years of their marriage.

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