Weaknesses of food industry


General economies of scale difficulties.

Overly reliant on commodity products with limited progress on the value-added chain.

Overly dependent on intervention markets stifling a market-led approach.

Weaknesses in consumer marketing of products in export markets.

Serious under-investment in research and development for both in-company and institutional research.

A lack of suitable management training.

Recommendations of the report: Respond to market trends through product replenishment, new product introductions and consumer targeting.

Invest in equipment and improved productivity measures through training and management development initiatives.

Promote the industry in the labour market.

Underpin development by attention to food safety, quality standards and quality assurance.

Target improvements in food sectors, including investing in value-added products, increasing competitiveness in the dairy and beef areas through rationalisation and research and development, and providing grading and storage facilities in horticulture.