Ethiopian Airlines to route further flights through Dublin

Move seen as carrier pushing for further rights to recruit additional Irish passengers

Barry O’Halloran

Ethiopian Airlines plans to route more flights through Dublin Airport following the successful launch last month of a service connecting both Addis Ababa and Los Angeles.

The African airline began flying from Addis Ababa to Los Angeles via Dublin, where it has the right to take on board passengers on the outbound and return trips.

According to the Irish Travel Trade News website, Ethiopian is planning to route services to Washington DC and Toronto via Dublin from next May. It operates these flights through Rome.


Transit stops

These will be transit-only stops and the airline will not have the so-called “fifth freedom rights” which allow it to pick up passengers during stopovers between Addis Ababa and Los Angeles.

However, it is thought that the transit stop could be the first step to it seeking fifth freedom rights for those services.

Aer Lingus already serves both Washington DC and Toronto from Dublin.

Barry O'Halloran

Barry O'Halloran

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