Top dogs at Tilcon face losing their executive `toys'


THE people at Tilcon - CRH's mega-buy in the New England area of the US - clearly liked the good things in life. Why else would a company whose business extends from Pennsylvania to Maine - a two-hour hop at most - feel the need to have no less than three aircraft and two helicopters to ferry their top people around the place?

Despite having interests as far apart as Argentina, Poland and myriad locations in between, CRH doesn't feel the need for such luxuries.

The betting is that Don Godson and his man on the spot in the US, Liam O'Mahony, might dispose of these slightly extravagant executive toys.

Godson was non-committal when the Margin asked him about selling off the planes. But, if the CRH boss is content to use ordinary airlines to fly him to Buenos Aires and Warsaw, it's hard to see him allowing his new employees in Tilcon to swan around New England in their executive jets.