The Main Proposals


The detailed report on broadband services, commissioned on behalf of Forfβs include recommendations that: Government should immediately cede derogation granted to Telecom on switched voice telephony until year 2000.

The telecommunications regulator's powers be strengthened and a more pro-competitive, rather than just regulatory approach adopted

Regulator should be given power to review "price cap" imposed on Telecom two years ago and to be responsible for access to the national telecoms backbone Cablelink should be sold off

A telecoms marketing expert should be appointed to encourage investment in broadband telecoms by telecoms operators

A ú50 million investment be made in ATM broadband switches - technology which allows voice, data, audio, and other kinds of telecoms traffic to be provided on the same network, over the next two years.

Broadband to be provided to small businesses and the residential sector through technology which allows broadband communications on the copper telephone network (not just on the fibre network).

A total investment of ú500 million in ATMs, upgrading cable services, and providing fibre telecommunications to businesses.