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Smart compass helps you make a Beeline for your destination

Tech Tools: Aimed at bike riders, the Beeline keeps things simple

The whole device is shock resistant and waterproof

Sometimes, simplicity is best, especially when you are trying to find your way. Unlike many of the apps that offer navigation, Beeline takes that to heart. It has a simple interface: follow the arrow. Designed for bike riders, it attaches to the handlebars of your bike. Then all you have to do is set your destination, using the smartphone app, and you are ready to go. The backlit display is sharp, and shows the smart compass, battery life, a speedometer and a clock. The whole device is shock resistant and waterproof – both essential for bike riders given the possibility of mishaps when out and about. You get about 30 hours out of the battery before you need to recharge it, which is done over micro USB. €120

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