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Smart bike light uses AI to adjust to road conditions

Tech Tools: See.Sense Ace ‘can be seen a mile away’ and is expected to retail for £25

See.Sense Ace: Belfast based See.Sense claims the light can be seen up to a mile away

See.Sense Ace: £25

Northern Ireland-based See.Sense is continuing its mission to make bike lights smarter with a new campaign: See.Sense Ace. Currently fully funded on Kickstarter – at almost 500 per cent its £30,000 goal – it uses technology to produce a panel of light that the company claims can be seen up to a mile away. Think less blinking bike lights and more car tail lights. It uses artificial intelligence to keep an eye on your journey and react more quickly, flashing brighter and faster when you need better visibility such as at junctions and roundabouts, and the new product also brings improved battery alerts, as well as crash and theft alerts. There’s a new app too to streamline the whole experience.

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