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New programme reboots careers for women in Irish tech industry

‘Women ReBOOT’ helps women update their skills if they have taken a career break

Emer Duffy of Sage; Skillnets’ Tracey Donnery; Women ReBOOT participant Laura Murphy and Paul Sweetnam, Ibec, launching the new programme

One reason for the lack of women working in the technology sector is that there is a pipeline problem. Aside from maternity leave, women are more likely to take a career break for childcare and family reasons, encountering obstacles in returning to the workplace.

A 2014 survey from the London Business School showed 70 per cent of professional women fear taking a career break for reasons including lower returning salary and outdated skills.


Women ReBOOT is a new programme aimed at providing support for ICT “returners” or women in the IT sector who are returning to the workplace after a career break.

The programme will help these professionals update their skills and CV with seminars, coaching, mentoring and in-company work experience. It is supported by over 20 organisations including Google, Microsoft, Accenture and MasterCard.

There are 50 free places now open for applications and information evenings in Cork on October 3rd and Dublin on October 5th.

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