VHI price cuts for children and students come with a catch

Savings are only available to new customers or those renewing between July and October

The VHI has introduced at least six price hikes in the last three years

VHI is to cut the cost of covering children and students on some of its hospital plans by 50 per cent. The savings apply to 61 of VHI Healthcare’s hospital plans, and were announced by the health insurer in light of intensifying competition in the market. It said the price cut could save families up to €413.

But like every good deal, it comes with a catch, and all is not what it seems. The savings are only available to new customers or those renewing plans between July and October. Furthermore, the VHI has already put up the price for children on some plans by, wait for it, 50 per cent.

The VHI went all out to tell everyone about the decrease, which is the total opposite to its modus operandi for price increases. The health insurer has made several increases to its plans so far this year, but there was no fanfare or mass announcements for those. For the most part, it merely just informed the health insurance authority, which put the announcement on its website.

In fact, the VHI has had at least six price hikes in the last three years, so the fact it is announcing a temporary decrease in the cost of child plans for certain customers, isn’t exactly a huge bonus.


Furthermore, while it is knocking 50 per cent off the price of some plans from July 1st, it increased the price of other plans by 50 per cent at the beginning of May.

On May 8th the child premiums on Nurses Plan Select increased from €143.75 to €287.50. People on this plan who renewed in May, or who will be renewing in June will have to pay €287.50.

If you renewed your policy on this plan in May, or will be doing so in June, you will end up paying 50 per cent more for your child for the next year.

One Plan Family premiums for children increased from €134 to €268 per child on May 1st, while Parents and Kids excess premiums for children increased from €138 to €276 per child. If you renewed this policy already, you will pay 50 per cent more. If you renew after July 1st you will pay pay 50 per cent less – €135 – which is actually €1 more than it was a month ago, so not really a saving.