Intel launches new upgraded Pentium chip


THE Intel Corporation yesterday introduced its new Pentium chip with multimedia extension (MMX) technology, promising TV quality video, stereo surround sound and three dimensional graphics for personal computers.

Intel, the world's largest computer chip maker, has collaborated with more than 100 software developers, some of which have created programs such as UbiSoft's new car race game called Pod especially for Intel's Pentium processors that have the new MMX technology.

"This means life like colour, full screen video and graphics, CD quality stereo sound, realtime animation and a better Internet experience," Intel said.

Long awaited in the computer market, the MMX has helped drive Intel shares to record levels over recent weeks and is expected by industry watchers to boost computer sales.

Intel's European headquarters in Leixlip, Co Kildare, does not make the new chip itself, but does work on the associated chipsets - the chips surrounding the central processing unit.

The Leixlip plant also producers motherboards which include the new chip.

Analysts' have estimated that Intel could sell 30 million to 45 million MMX chips this year about half of the microprocessor units it Bill sell this year.