Enterprise Ireland innovation showcase a ‘unique opportunity’, says Minister

Damien English asks companies to attend the event in Dublin

Minister of State for Innovation Damien English

Minister of State for Innovation Damien English


Minister of State for Innovation Damien English is urging companies to attend Enterprise Ireland’s innovation showcase on Tuesday in the Convention Centre Dublin.

Representatives from 38 State-supported research and technology centres will be there on the day to discuss possible collaborations with businesspeople in attendance.

“In addition to learning about the expertise and resources offered by these centres, companies can also tour the showcase to learn about all State funding and supports for innovation, R&D, Horizon 2020 [the EU’s €79 billion programme for science, research and innovation] supports, accessing intellectual property and the resources available in Institutes of Technology,” Mr English said.

“I believe this will be a unique and useful opportunity for companies to learn about what is on offer from, and what they can gain from, the wealth of knowledge and expertise that exists within Ireland’s research centres and technology centres.”

Another highlight of the event will be the chance to catch BT’s Dr Nicola Millard, who has the Nostradamus-worthy title of customer experience futurologist. Dr Millard, who combines psychology with futurology to try and anticipate what might be around the corner for both customers and organisations, will be making an address entitled, ‘The Death of Dilbert andDistance? The future of work.’

The innovation showcase, which Enterprise Ireland is co-ordinating for the Department of Jobs, is more than a networking opportunity. Running in parallel with the main event will be the ‘Big Ideas’ session, in which 13 start-ups emerging from State-funded research will make brief pitches to potential investors.