Number of new cars taxed for May falls for first time


The number of new cars taxed for the first time fell by 14.7 per cent in May, while figures for the year to date are down 10.9 per cent. So far this year 53,455 new cars were taxed for the first time, including 7,986 in May.

Of these 92 per cent, or 49,199, qualified for the two lowest tax bands. Some 28,211 of the new cars taxed incur an annual charge of €160 in the lowest band, while 20,988 fall into tax band B with a charge of €225. Just 51 new electric cars joined the Irish national vehicle fleet so far this year.

Toyota remains the most popular make of new car, with 7,044 taxed for the first time in 2012, followed by Volkswagen with 6,664 and Ford with 5,678. At the premium end of the market, Audi is slightly ahead with 2,345 against BMW’s 2,208.