Inside Business Podcast: UK hung parliament ignites hopes of a softer Brexit

Larry Broderick says AIB should set up a staff profit share scheme

What would a soft Border look like?

What would a soft Border look like?


The UK’s hung parliament has led to Prime Minister Theresa May having to rely on the DUP in Northern Ireland and with no majority in Westminster, hopes of a softer Brexit have emerged.

On the latest Inside Business podcast, John McGrane, director general of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce, says that could happen, but it would take “somebody of the unique ‘backflipability’ of Boris Johnson to come out and say: I’ve looked into my heart, de Valera-style, and I’ve read the will of the people and it’s for a soft Brexit.”

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He is joined by economist Jim Power to discuss what a softer Border with Northern Ireland might look like and what Ireland’s new Taoiseach Leo Varadkar should do for the economy.

In the second half of the show, Larry Broderick of the Financial Services Union talks to Joe Brennan about the AIB IPO and explains why the bank should establish a profit-share with staff in recognition of their role in getting the bank back on its feet.